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Last Frankfurter Fridays of 2017!

This is the last Frankfurter Friday of the year. Come and celebrate with Fun, Friends, and of course, Frankfurters!

Continuing our tradition of food, fellowship, and fun, Frankfurter Fridays is in full swing. Along with free hot dogs, join us on the front lawn for cornhole, frisbee, croquet, and various kids games.

The fun at 6:00pm and will take place semi-monthly through September. All are welcome to this free, on-going event.

Frankfurter Fridays & Free Summer Lunch

Christian Formation

Our Formation class is reading and discussing “Luke for Everyone” by N.T. Wright.

No need to read ahead. We will read a few pages together each week and discuss what we have read together.


All are welcome to find a spiritual home at the Church at Ascension. We are community that encourages questions, seeks answers, and strives to use Jesus’s example in our daily lives.

We’re family friendly and offer the opportunity to find peace, reflect on our spirituality, and experience God’s never ending love, compassion, and grace.

For those wishing to use their time and talents to make the world a brighter place, Church of the Ascension has many active Community Outreach programs.

Join us to begin or renew a relationship with God.

Find out more about the wider Episcopal church, or drop by to connect with our growing community.

God Loves You! No Exceptions!

Taizé Prayer Service

The prayer services that Taizé offers are a form of worship to God in song and silence that incorporates the vision of a united Church, praying together, as in the earliest years of Christianity, long before modern day denominational divisions.

Explore an old worship experience, made new again. If you haven’t enjoyed this peaceful and meditative prayer experience, set one Tuesday aside to try it. You won’t be disappointed! The service is held the last Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm.

Read on for a more in-depth description of Taizé.

Diocesan News

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I write to inform you that the Wardens of Trinity Cathedral and I have invited the Rev. Dr. Paul L. Gaston, III to serve as Acting Dean, beginning on Ash Wednesday.

In accepting this appointment, he concludes three years’ service as priest associate at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Akron. Many of you also know him from his work at St. Mark’s, Canton; Christ Church, Hudson; St. John’s, Cuyahoga Falls; and St. John’s, Youngstown.

I invite you to join me in holding our long-time colleague and friend in your prayers as he and the Cathedral congregation and staff begin this transition together.


The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Jr.
Bishop of Ohio

Clothing Drive

The Choir is collecting clothing for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s clothing drive. This clothing will be made available to the needy free of charge. If you would like to clean out your closet, the “re-choir-ed” clothing box is located in the choir room.

The choir will be responsible for delivering your donations. It’s cold weather season, so think warm clothes!

What Is The Church's Stance On...

We’ve all heard Fr. Vincent tell us that he isn’t here to give us all the answers to our spiritual questions. Rather, we should rely on him for help as we wrestle with our faith, doubts, decisions, and questions. This is a common response within the Episcopal Church, but why?

We are all involved in helping the Church shape its doctrine. How does this happen? What does it mean that we are part of the Anglican Communion? These questions and more are discussed in a resource document that examines the history of the Episcopal church, our Anglican roots, decision-making within the church, and more.

Watch the video for a brief primer on the document.


Issued by The House of Bishops, the document can be read or downloaded by clicking on the title Re-Membering And Re-Imagining: Essays On The Episcopal Church.

An Interview with the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

The Most Reverend Michael Curry became presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church last November. Judy Woodruff of PBS’s Newshour sat down with Bishop Curry to learn how he is leading the church – Click the link below to see the interview.

PBS Newshour Interview

I have been in the Episcopal Church my whole life. We are a better Episcopal Church because we really are trying to welcome all.

-Bishop Curry

Taizé - A Meditative Service

The prayer services that Taizé offers are a form of worship to God that incorporates the vision of a united Church, as in the earliest years of Christianity, long before there were the divisions between Protestants and Catholics and the many denominations and disagreements of later history. The prayer services are also meant to be simple enough that all guests of the community, including those with no exposure to faith traditions of any kind may feel a welcoming space to experience holiness and peace.

The two major parts of a Taizé prayer which distinguish it from other worship services are the songs and silence. The Taizé songs are extremely short and are repeated many times. Unlike the Hymns we usually sing on Sunday where we praise God in many verses, the Taizé songs use repetition to allow one simple reality or hope to enter deeply into our hearts. For example “The Lord is my light, my light and salvation, in God I trust.” At the heart of any Taizé prayer however is Silence. Silence lasts a long time, almost as long as a sermon, and is offered again to allow space for all people to experience a collective quiet, whether one sits in total stillness, offers quiet intercessions or even journals a few thoughts.

The Taizé Community in Central France is home to 100 men from every part of the world who live together as monastics. Their community is joined year round by nuns, priests and visitors, mostly young adults who come and share the life of the Brothers, oriented by prayer and simple physical labor. There are as many as 100,000 visitors every year, and sometimes as many as 6,000 young adults praying in the “Church of Reconciliation” joining the three daily prayer services the Brothers of Taizé have as part of their daily rule of life. The Services of the Taizé Brothers are a liturgy they have created over the years inspired both by Early Christianity and by their many guests.

Join us for this meditative respite the last Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm.

Adult Formation

Join us for Adult Formation every week between services from 9:15-10am. We will continue discussing what we believe as Episcopalians using Episcopal Questions, Episcopal Answers. All are welcome to join for one or all discussions.

Nursery and Sunday School

The Church of the Ascension is happy to offer a Nursery for babies and toddlers as well as a Children’s Service, for children who aren’t quite ready to join the adult celebration. Our trained nursery leaders are here for your child(ren), so you can reflect, reconnect, and recharge. In our Children’s Service, kids can expect to be entertained with projects, crafts, and stories that illustrate God’s love. The class also helps to prepare the children to join their parents and the greater church family during the main service. Kids start with their families and are escorted to class after the welcome message, returning during the exchange of peace.

Church of the Ascension adheres the guidelines outlined in Safeguarding God’s Children, which includes more than one adult attending to children at all times. Parents are always welcome to join or observe either group at any time.

Archived Sermons

As relevant today as when they were delivered, the 2017 Sermons, 2016 Sermons, 2015 Sermons and the 2014 Sermons are available on-line.