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Please check back next Sunday at 10:30 for our next live broadcast.


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Register for In-Person Service

Please register online at: Ascension Worship Registration. (Click the underlined words to be taken to the registration site.)

If you are unable to do so online, please call the office at 216-521-8727 to register.

Imagine it is like making reservations at a restaurant for now. This will help us better plan and be prepared. Of course we will also accommodate visitors and others who may not have been able to call ahead. We will also continue to offer a virtual worship opportunity as well

See below for additional guidelines and safety measures we will be taking to keep us all safe.

We are isolated, but that doesn’t mean we need to be alone.

Weekly Offering

Your Mission Continues

Your gifts of time and financial contributions make it possible to continue the Church’s ongoing work. Not all of us are able to gather at church, but our mission, YOUR mission, continues. Join your fellow parishioners by contributing via the “My Offering” button, and/or volunteering in our community efforts.

In these times of uncertainty, the Church remains a place of spiritual comfort (via videos and calls) and physical comfort (providing food to the hungry). The links below provide an opportunity to continue your relationship with God and each other via video readings, conference calls, and links to other resources, like virtual AA meet-ups. Our Mission continues, but not without you. Reach out and connect with us and each other.

Need To Talk? Have Questions?

Father Vincent encourages you to make an appointment with him to discuss anything on your mind or heart. Use the form found here:
Email Father Vincent
or call the office at 216.521.8727 to set up an appointment.

Guidelines For In-Person Worship

Beginning Sunday, July 19, we will transition to in-person worship and prayer. To keep us all safe as we gather together, we are implementing the following guidelines.

  • Please call the office at 216-521-8727 to let us know if you are coming and how many in the party. Imagine it is like making reservations at a restaurant for now. This will help us better plan and be prepared. Of course we will also accommodate visitors and others who may not have been able to call ahead. We will also continue to offer a virtual worship opportunity as well
  • Please do not come to church if you are not feeling well.
  • All will be required to wear a mask and keep a social distance of 6 feet. Please bring your own mask. Masks will be available if you forget to bring one.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided, and you are asked to use it. It is recommended that you have your own hand sanitizer as well.
  • 8am service will be held in the West Garden weather permitting. Otherwise it will be in Ascension Hall. Those attending 8am service are asked to enter the building through the West Entrance unless the assistance of the elevator is required. When calling ahead please specify whether you will bring your own chair or need one to be provided for outdoor worship.
  • 10:30am service will be in the church. Those attending 10:30 service are asked to enter and exit through the front doors in the Nartex. As a rule we will enter via the center isle, and exit via the side isles maintaining social distance. Those requiring the assistance of the elevator are welcome to enter and exit though the East Entrance.

All these things may seem to be a burden and to diminish our experience of worship. The devil, the power of evil, wants us to be discouraged and to give up hope. We need to be mindful that we worship God as our Creator and Redeemer and that all our hope on God is founded! We will not give up gathering as the Body of Christ simply because it is less than ideal. Remember we follow a Lord who was terribly inconvenienced by the crucifixion but in the end rose from the dead and freed us from death and despair. So in this season we gladly bear the burden of keeping each other and ourselves safe while simultaneously worshiping God and bearing witness to the world of God’s unwavering love.

Annual Summer Frankfurter Fridays

Continuing our tradition of food, fellowship, and fun, Frankfurter Fridays returns this summer on the front lawn. Along with free, all-beef hot dogs, hamburgers, lemonade and chips, there will be cornhole, frisbee, croquet, and various kids games. We will be maintaing social distancing; food may be taken to-go.

  • July 10
  • July 24
  • August 7
  • August 21

All are welcome to this free, on-going event.

Ascension Video Reflection and Prayer

If you weren’t able to join us Sunday or want a second look at the readings and sermon, check out the videos below.

July 26: No Limit To Love
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

July 19: This Is A Season To…
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

July 5: Throw Off The Heavy Yoke
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

June 28: Where Is God In All Of This?
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

*Special thanks to Noah SutterRisch for delivering this week’s sermon.

June 21: The Humility Of Listening
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

*Note: There are two videos this week

June 14: The Sky Is Falling
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

June 7: Trinity Sunday
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

May 31: Strive for Justice
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

May 24: The Power Of Love
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

May 17: To Love The World
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

May 10: The High Calling
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

May 3: He Walks With Us
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

April 26: We Are Here!
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

April 19: An Upset Applecart
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

Easter Sunday: The Church of the Ascension celebrated Easter Sunday by virtually attending the live service broadcast from Trinity Cathedral, so no video is available.

April 5: Palm Sunday
Read Along with This Week’s Lessons

March 29: Witness Of Life

March 22: Reach Out To God; Reach Out To Each Other

To participate in virtual Holy Communion and other virtual resources, visit the Episcopal National Cathedral . The Episcopal Cathedral is our Nation’s cathedral. Besides the excellent spiritual resources, the Cathedral has been part of our Nation’s history and is worth a look.

Noon Time Prayer via Conference Call

The Church of the Ascension is still coming together to meet, pray, and talk! Join Father Vincent and members of the Ascension community on a conference call every Tuesday and Friday at 12:12pm for:

  • Noonday Prayer (10 minutes);
  • A reflection from Forward Day by Day (5 minutes);
  • Time for us to check-in with each other (20 minutes);
  • Time to ask questions and exchange information (10 minutes);
  • Prayer for the Church of the Ascension.

Click the links to read and follow along with the prayers.

These calls will give you access to your priest in this time of uncertainty and will allow us all to continue together in prayer and worship.

We will start noonday prayer promptly at 12:12 and end just before 1pm. Please do not call in before 12:05pm. You can call in for all or part of the time.

Follow along in prayer using the Book of Common Prayer pp. 103-107 (or click the Noonday Prayer link at the top of this message).

Please join us by calling 1-425-436-6300 and use Pin 593523#. Use *6 to mute and unmute yourself when trying to talk.

Don’t let this pandemic keep you away from friends and your spiritual community. We’re still here – won’t you join us?

Our COVID-19 Response

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-person gatherings, including:

  • Worship Services
  • Church Meetings
  • AA Meetings *
  • Community Meals **
  • Music Lessons

are suspended indefinitely.

May God bless us all.

* Please click on the link below for a list of phone and internet AA meetings
** Community Meals will continue as scheduled. Meals will be prepared for take-out.

Online Intergroup : Alcoholics Anonymous


All are welcome to find a spiritual home at the Church at Ascension. Father Vincent Black has a Message of Welcome for you.

We are community that encourages questions, seeks answers, and strives to use Jesus’s example in our daily lives. We’re family friendly and offer the opportunity to find peace, reflect on our spirituality, and experience God’s never ending love, compassion, and grace.

For those wishing to use their time and talents to make the world a brighter place, Church of the Ascension has many active Community Outreach programs.

Join us to begin or renew a relationship with God.

Clothing Drive

The Choir is collecting clothing for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s clothing drive. This clothing will be made available to the needy free of charge. If you would like to clean out your closet, the “re-choir-ed” clothing box is located next to the office.

The choir will be responsible for delivering your donations. It’s cold weather season, so think warm clothes!

The Episcopal Church?

The Episcopal Church isn’t a place, it’s a Movement. Check out this short video (2:34) and find out more.

The Modern Episcopal Church – A Short Primer

Learn more about the activities and beliefs of the Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Church (Main Site)

Fr. Black Tells His Story

In the latest edition of Prizm magazine, Fr. Vincent Black shares his journey to the priesthood.

“I went through a very dark period of thinking that there was no hope for me, that there was something terribly wrong with me, and that clearly God couldn’t love me if I were such a sinner,” remembers Black.

God Loves You! No Exceptions!

Find out more about the wider Episcopal church, or drop by to connect with our growing community.

God Loves You! No Exceptions!

Our Services

The Church of the Ascension offers two services with different worship styles. The 8am service is shorter because there is no music and there are fewer people. The language is older and more poetic with “thee, thou, takest, etc.” It is quieter and more intimate. There is a simple hospitality offered afterwards of usually coffee and cookies.

The 10:30 service has music, more pageantry, and is about 15 minutes longer. There is Sunday school for children during the first part of the service from September to the end of June. There is also a nursery available for infants and toddlers for the duration of the service. After the service there is usually a more elaborate hospitality time with a range of foods and refreshments.

Keep In Touch!

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Need To Talk?

Father Vincent encourages you to make an appointment with him to discuss anything on your mind or heart. He is available on most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Use the form found here:
Email Father Vincent
or call the office at 216.521.8727 to set up an appointment.

What Is The Church's Stance On...

We’ve all heard Fr. Vincent tell us that he isn’t here to give us all the answers to our spiritual questions. Rather, we should rely on him for help as we wrestle with our faith, doubts, decisions, and questions. This is a common response within the Episcopal Church, but why?

We are all involved in helping the Church shape its doctrine. How does this happen? What does it mean that we are part of the Anglican Communion? These questions and more are discussed in a resource document that examines the history of the Episcopal church, our Anglican roots, decision-making within the church, and more.

Watch the video for a brief primer on the document.


Issued by The House of Bishops, the document can be read or downloaded by clicking on the title Re-Membering And Re-Imagining: Essays On The Episcopal Church.

An Interview with the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

The Most Reverend Michael Curry became presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church last November. Judy Woodruff of PBS’s Newshour sat down with Bishop Curry to learn how he is leading the church – Click the link below to see the interview.

PBS Newshour Interview

I have been in the Episcopal Church my whole life. We are a better Episcopal Church because we really are trying to welcome all.

-Bishop Curry

Nursery and Sunday School

The Church of the Ascension is happy to offer a Nursery for babies and toddlers as well as a Children’s Service, for children who aren’t quite ready to join the adult celebration. Our trained nursery leaders are here for your child(ren), so you can reflect, reconnect, and recharge. In our Children’s Service, kids can expect to be entertained with projects, crafts, and stories that illustrate God’s love. The class also helps to prepare the children to join their parents and the greater church family during the main service. Kids start with their families and are escorted to class after the welcome message, returning during the exchange of peace.

Church of the Ascension adheres the guidelines outlined in Safeguarding God’s Children, which includes more than one adult attending to children at all times. Parents are always welcome to join or observe either group at any time.

Archived Sermons

As relevant today as when they were delivered, the 2018 Sermons, 2017 Sermons, 2016 Sermons, 2015 Sermons and the 2014 Sermons are available on-line.