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Ascension Night Out

Ascension Night Out will be at Asian Wok, 24389 Detroit Rd. Westlake, on Wednesday, January 18th at 6:00 PM. Please make your reservation early by calling Jim in the office at 216-521-8727 or by emailing him at I look forward to seeing you.

Please make your reservation by Monday, January 16th.
Jim Weiss

Livestream Video

Live Broadcast

Please check back next Sunday at 10:30 for our next live broadcast. The broadcast may take up to 15 minutes after the service starts to be active.

Follow along with the service (live or most recent broadcasts) using the service bulletin: 01/29 Church Service Bulletin: 4 Epiphany Morning Prayer

Most Recent Broadcast

Miss the last service or want to watch again? We've got you covered!

Want more? Check out the last 10 recorded video Services .

Weekly Offering & Special Contributions

We are isolated, but that doesn’t mean we need to be alone.

Information For In-Person Worship

In-person services are at 8am and 10:30am in the church. Please come as you are able.

Church of the Ascension Policies Concerning COVID-19 Updated on February 20, 2022

Masks and social distancing are encouraged but not required inside the building for those fully vaccinated. Anyone who wants to wear a mask for continued protection as well as anyone unvaccinated or who has respiratory issues or concerns is highly encouraged to wear a mask.

Everyone is expected to continue washing hands thoroughly as well as sanitizing all chairs, handles, switches, and surfaces.

We continue to sanitize the building by fumigation monthly.

We will continue to offer the peace without moving from our places through a bow or gesture rather than through a hug or handshake allowing people to maintain their personal space.

We will continue to stand for communion until further notice.

No one should receive from the chalice if they are uncomfortable and/or unsafe to do so. We believe in the doctrine of concomitance which means one receives the full benefit of the sacrament whether they receive one or both forms of bread and wine.

Must See Video!

During the annual meeting, we were treated to a heartfelt video put together by our seminarian, Leah Romanelli DeJesus, exploring her experiences with the people of The Church of the Ascension (and Leah, we feel the same about you!). Check out Leah’s Reflection video and let her know what you think.

Ascension/Lakewood History

From our neighbors at the Lakewood Historical Society: a look back in time at Ascension of old, first published to their Facebook page. Thank you Historical Society!

The Church of the Ascension is the church with the longest history in Lakewood, continuous since 1875. The ministry began as a mission of the Trinity Chapel in Cleveland, now the Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church. In 1876 they built this chapel at 13218 Detroit Ave. The Church of the Ascension is part of the Episcopal Church and member of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. As this vibrant church family observes Lent and prepares for Easter, we’ll share their 147 year journey in photos.

Ascension 1

Ascension people

Ascension interior

Ascension exterior

Need To Talk? Have Questions?

Father Vincent encourages you to make an appointment with him to discuss anything on your mind or heart. Use the form found here:
Email Father Vincent
or call the office at 216.521.8727 to set up an appointment.

Noon Time Prayer via Conference Call

The Church of the Ascension is still coming together to meet, pray, and talk! Join Father Vincent and members of the Ascension community on a conference call every Tuesday and Friday at 12:12pm for:

  • Noonday Prayer (10 minutes);
  • A reflection from Forward Day by Day (5 minutes);
  • Time for us to check-in with each other (20 minutes);
  • Time to ask questions and exchange information (10 minutes);
  • Prayer for the Church of the Ascension.

Click the links to read and follow along with the prayers.

These calls will give you access to your priest in this time of uncertainty and will allow us all to continue together in prayer and worship.

We will start noonday prayer promptly at 12:12 and end just before 1pm. Please do not call in before 12:05pm. You can call in for all or part of the time.

Follow along in prayer using the Book of Common Prayer pp. 103-107 (or click the Noonday Prayer link at the top of this message).

Please join us by calling 1-425-436-6300 and use Pin 593523#. Use *6 to mute and unmute yourself when trying to talk.

Don’t let this pandemic keep you away from friends and your spiritual community. We’re still here – won’t you join us?


All are welcome to find a spiritual home at the Church at Ascension. Father Vincent Black has a Message of Welcome for you.

We are community that encourages questions, seeks answers, and strives to use Jesus’s example in our daily lives. We’re family friendly and offer the opportunity to find peace, reflect on our spirituality, and experience God’s never ending love, compassion, and grace.

For those wishing to use their time and talents to make the world a brighter place, Church of the Ascension has many active Community Outreach programs.

Join us to begin or renew a relationship with God.

The Episcopal Church?

The Episcopal Church isn’t a place, it’s a Movement. Check out this short video (2:34) and find out more.

The Modern Episcopal Church – A Short Primer

Learn more about the activities and beliefs of the Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Church (Main Site)

Fr. Black Tells His Story

In the latest edition of Prizm magazine, Fr. Vincent Black shares his journey to the priesthood.

“I went through a very dark period of thinking that there was no hope for me, that there was something terribly wrong with me, and that clearly God couldn’t love me if I were such a sinner,” remembers Black.

God Loves You! No Exceptions!

Find out more about the wider Episcopal church, or drop by to connect with our growing community.

God Loves You! No Exceptions!

Our Services

The Church of the Ascension offers two services with different worship styles. The 8am service is shorter because there is no music and there are fewer people. The language is older and more poetic with “thee, thou, takest, etc.” It is quieter and more intimate. There is a simple hospitality offered afterwards of usually coffee and cookies.

The 10:30 service has music, more pageantry, and is about 15 minutes longer. There is Sunday school for children during the first part of the service from September to the end of June. There is also a nursery available for infants and toddlers for the duration of the service. After the service there is usually a more elaborate hospitality time with a range of foods and refreshments.

Nursery and Sunday School

Note: For the safety of those most vulnerable, the nursery will not be active when we are observing protocols.

The Church of the Ascension is happy to offer a Nursery for babies and toddlers as well as a Children’s Service, for children who aren’t quite ready to join the adult celebration. Our trained nursery leaders are here for your child(ren), so you can reflect, reconnect, and recharge. In our Children’s Service, kids can expect to be entertained with projects, crafts, and stories that illustrate God’s love. The class also helps to prepare the children to join their parents and the greater church family during the main service. Kids start with their families and are escorted to class after the welcome message, returning during the exchange of peace.

Church of the Ascension adheres the guidelines outlined in Safeguarding God’s Children, which includes more than one adult attending to children at all times. Parents are always welcome to join or observe either group at any time.

Archived Sermons

As relevant today as when they were delivered, the 2018 Sermons, 2017 Sermons, 2016 Sermons, 2015 Sermons and the 2014 Sermons are available on-line.